Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today I am Thankful for...
Gary Taylor (BIL) and Cody Taylor (CIL)
They help Chuck fix our vehicles over the phone and in person all the time and I am so Thankful for their help. They save us a ton of money by talking Chuck through different things on our vehicles. It is so nice to have such Great guys in our family that are so willing to help us and we enjoy their help and company. Thank you Gary and Cody for being so good at what you both do and for sharing your talents with us. Chuck really enjoys your help and I enjoy the time he gets to spend with you and learn from you. Thanks Cody for coming and spending the day with us-it was fun to spend the morning with you. Keep up on your talents boys and thanks for passing them on to Chuck and hopefully onto Odin and Cort.
We sure love you two and a BIG THANK YOU to you BOTH!!!!

(Gary Taylor)
(Cody Taylor is to the far right-this was at his sisters wedding-Lacey and his other brother Zack.)

(and to the many other men in this family who help us save money by fixing our household problems and all the many other things that seem to go wrong-We have some good people in this family that have many different talents that we love to take advantage of.)

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