Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today I am Thankful for....
My FREEDOM!!!(This photo was taken at Ron Wood's Funeral on 07-26-2005)

I am continuing from yesterday-since there were a few things to be Thankful for.
I am so Proud to be an American and to live in a free country.
I am so Proud of the Men and Women who put their lives on the line daily to keep My Family Safe and Free.
I am so Proud of the Sacrifices that the Men and Women and Their Families make everyday so again I can be Safe and Free.

It is not always easy being married to a man in the Army...when you are married to someone in the Army-or any Military-you are also married to the Army...that is why I thank the Families of Military Men and Women...they give up a lot too...

(This was him in Iraq playing his Nintendo DS 2005)

I am Thankful for my Husband and for serving our country and for serving proudly...I am Thankful for his Example and his Strength...I am Thankful that he came back home safe and sound...I know I will have to say good-bye again and I know this next time will be even harder because I have two little boys that will depend on my Strength and I am going to be getting my Strength from Chuck and I am Thankful he has that Strength to share with me...
to all of our Armed Forces and their Families...
without you I wouldn't be living the Free Life that I am...
Thank You!!!!

(This was the morning he left for his 18 months of duty 1 year of that in Iraq...I know I am smiling but I didn't stay that way for long 01-24-2005)

(This is him on the real plane flying into longer in the United States 2005)

(I made these sweaters for everyone in the family (Barnums and Taylors) for Christmas 12-25-2005 I didn't get any pictures of the Taylor side in theirs)

(This is him in Iraq in most of his gear-a lot of stuff to wear huh? 2005)

(This photo was taken in Cedar City the day they all came home 06-17-2006)

Wow uploading these pictures brought back all the emotions I felt at the time of the amazes me how it all comes back like it was yesterday...Thank You to all of my Family and Friends who went through all of this right along with me...I couldn't have done it without you...Thank You!!!

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  1. My life has changed also for Chuck serving. I never could have imagined how much I was going to miss him or fear for his safety. I also never knew the strength you had. Without seeing you go through that tough time, I would never believe it!!! Now you know you can do anything if you take it one day at a time and exercise faith!!!