Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today I am Thankful for...
Duct Tape.

Yep that is my son with Duct Tape around his diaper. It is the only way we can keep that diaper on him. He has been waking up in the morning any where from 5 am till 7 am and if I don't hurry down and open the door he strips down and pees on the floor and sometimes I am lucky and get the good old number 2. So we have been duct taping his diaper on at night so that when he does wake up then I don't have to run down that early and he can strip down to his diaper but not get the diaper itself off and then he goes back to sleep.
I don't care if this falls under some kind of child abuse because I do know that when I want to beat him for taking his diaper off and peeing on the floor that it does fall under child abuse. So I will put the duct tape on until he figures it out and that way I don't have to beat him. :)
The funny thing now is that whenever we change his diaper he thinks it needs to have duct tape on it. So we told him it is only at night time and that we put it on to fix his diaper. Whatever works.
Thanks Duct Tape.


  1. sounds to me like he mite be getting ready to be potty trained???