Thursday, November 19, 2009


I missed yesterday so first I was Thankful for...
My Baby-Stetson Cort Taylor.

I can not believe that My Baby is going to be 7 months old next week. Where does the time go. I am so Thankful for the opportunity to be his Mom. I have definitely had my challenges with him and he has helped me grow in so many ways. I am Thankful for my Heavenly Father trusting me to raise him right and I hope that I can do just that. I am Thankful that Stetson Cort loves me soooo much-he is definitely a Mama's Boy. He only wants me (most of the time) and I love that he knows when I am in the room or near him. Yeah sometimes I can't get a break-that I really need-but when I do finally give in and pick him up that Smile he gives me and the Kisses he gives me are all worth it. Stetson Cort can brighten up anyone's day with the Smiles he gives. He is such a Happy Baby and such a lovable little guy. I am so Thankful to have him in my life. Words can't express how much I love him.

Today I am Thankful for...
My Big Boy-Odin Charles Taylor.

This child is such a handful and he keeps us on our toes. He is learning so much everyday and he is teaching us all so much everyday. Unlike Stetson Cort, Odin is a complete Daddies Boy. I am third in his spotlight-unless I am the only one with him. His Daddy and My Mom-Nana-are his top choices. Odin is such a Happy Boy and he is always making us laugh and he is always giving us Big Kisses and Big Squeezes. His new thing-as seen in a previous post-is taking his diaper off and peeing on the floor. It used to be only first thing in the morning but now he does it if I am not watching. Got to love it huh? I love Odin so much and he has such a sweet spirit. You look into his eyes and you can see his Heavenly Father in them. He is such an amazing child and he has such a Great purpose here on earth and I just hope that I can do what I need and raise him to accomplish what he is meant to accomplish.

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