Friday, November 13, 2009


Today I am Thankful for...

(The day we were sealed 11-11-2006 at the Manti Temple)

This one is also a continuation from November 11Th. November 11Th marked Chuck and I's three year sealing. We were sealed together for
Time and All Eternity
That was one of the Greatest Days of my life.
I am so Thankful for the knowledge I have about how precious Temples are and how important the work done in them is. I am so Thankful to know that I can be with My Family for Eternity. There is no "Till death do us part".
I am Thankful for the feelings I have when I am able to go into the Temple.
I am Thankful for my husband who was able to take me through the Temple. He came home from Iraq a new person and he wanted to do everything he could to help us reach that goal.
I know my Heavenly Father has a plan for me and when we were getting ready to go through the Temple I saw how that plan was supposed to work.
When Chuck returned from Iraq I hadn't been on birth control for over 2 years and we didn't want to go back on the pill but I had also said how I didn't want to have any children until we had gone through the Temple. I wanted our children born sealed to us. So when he came home we thought we would just wait and see what happens. Three months went by and I hadn't gotten pregnant. I was beginning to worry that something was wrong. About that same time Chuck received the priesthood and we started our Temple Prep. Classes. We set a date to be sealed and found out the next week that I was pregnant. I truly believe that My Heavenly Father's plan was for me to keep to my plan. I didn't want to have children until I was sealed in the Temple and that is how it all worked out.
I believe in the Power of Temple work. I believe in Families being Sealed for Time and All Eternity. I believe we all have a purpose and a plan laid out for us. And I believe that it is our Choice whether or not to follow that plan and it is our Choice to believe in the plan and purpose.
I am so Thankful for that time in my life when Chuck came home from Iraq safe and when we decided to be sealed as a family. That experience strengthed my Testimony in an unbelievable way. I hope to be able to pass on my Testimony to my children. I hope they feel the love of their Heavenly Father and the love we have for our Heavenly Father. I hope we can teach them by example to love this Gospel and to know of its truthfulness. And I hope that some day they will be able to go to the Temple and feel of their Heavenly Fathers love.(Sealed at the Manti Temple 11-11-2006 I was 3 months pregnant)

(We are a bunch of cheese balls but it was so cold that day and so we didn't get to take many pictures-so what pictures we did take will have to do)


  1. I am so so so happy for your experience. What a special story. Thank you for sharing it. Temples and the blessings that come from them are truly amazing.

  2. Oh wow! The things you learn in blogs! We were sealed 1-7-06 in the Manti temple! You two are just so cute and fun! I'm so glad you get to be with each other for eternity as well!