Wednesday, May 9, 2012

March 2012 Happenings

  My Sister-in-Law made a quick trip to St. George to pick up Matt and take him to Kingman for a week and so we did lunch before she got back on the road and the cousins had a lot of fun...even for a short visit they LOVE seeing each other...I love how much they all love each other and how much they look forward to playing together...nothing beats all of them together and listening to their laughs and imaginations going wild.
(March 30th, 2012)

Odin and Cort at the dentist and I was actually able to just sit down and watch cause they were both so good and so excited to have their teeth was a GREAT DAY!!!!
(March 30th, 2012)

Little Man Liam in his Daddy's Army Hat...such a stud muffin he is...
(March 29th, 2012)

Odin and Cort...All Smiles and Spiky Hair
(March 29th, 2012)

1-Me and Little Man Liam before bed.
2-Odin before bed...he is just so dang handsome and innocent and wears his heart on his sleeve.
3-Cort threw a temper tantrum so he couldn't watch a cartoon before bed and this is his little hand reaching under the door begging to come out.
4-How Odin was laying on the ground watching the cartoon. He is a goofy boy.
(March 28th, 2012)

My Boys getting ready for bed
(March 28th, 2012)

And I wish I was sleeping like this man...I catch him doing this once in a while but pretty sure he catches me doing it WAY more
(March 28th, 2012)

Liam chillin' on the pillows ... wish I was relaxing like him
(March 28th, 2012)

Liam trying to put his shoes on all by himself...and notice the concentration on his face-no it isn't constipation, that is the look of concentration :)
(March 27th, 2012)

Liam enjoying one of his favorite meals...Nutella sandwich and milk...he sure makes a mess but he loves being able to eat it with out me feeding it to him...such a cutie pie...
(March 24th, 2012)

I did my first midnight premier movie...yes I am almost 30 years old and I have not done a midnight premier until now...we did the Hunger Games Premier...I didn't do the all day fun stuff or camp out so we didn't have the BEST sets but the movie was still pretty darn good...and of course it isn't as good as the books but I still really enjoyed the movie...
This is my Dad, Mom and Aunt Hope in the picture-not pictured is Matt-my brother, Kaylie-my cousin/sister, Chuck and Me.
And BIG THANKS to my other cousin/sister Karly for sleeping at our house so someone was there with the boys...she ROCKS!!!
(March 22nd, 2012)

This is usually how the boys look everyday...the two older ones in their underwear because heaven forbid they keep clothes on....and little man Liam sometimes doesn't make it out of his jammies...It is AOK to have lazy days once in a while alright
(March 19th, 2012)

Handsome Liam at church...he LOVES the camera
(March 18th, 2012)

YAY!!!! Finally potty trained
(March 18th, 2012)

We went up on some hills and watched the Blue Angles fly was pretty amazing to see...
(March 17th, 2012) 

My nephew-Blake-fell asleep sitting up in the Costco shopping stinking cute...
(March 13th, 2012)

My Cousin Kaylie found her prince charming
(March 12th, 2012)

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