Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas the boys were exhausted and when they are tired they turn mean and ornery and very when we are hanging out at my Moms playing games Odin got mad about something and ran in the bathroom to cry and throw a fit...which I was fine with cause at least he wasn't by us doing it but after a few minutes he got quiet and I wondered what was going on...I went around the corner of my moms house and looked in the bathroom and there he was asleep around the toilet...isn't that the place everyone wants to take a nap????

And this little man doesn't sleep very good unless he is in his crib or a pak-n-play so when he got tried at my moms house I finally gave him to Grandpa Memmott and within a couple of minutes he had Liam sound asleep in his arms....such a sweet these two

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