Saturday, July 31, 2010


1. I am sicker than I was with either of the first two...everyone says they think it will be a girl but I say it is because I am chasing two little boys around and it is exhausting.

2. I am not sleeping good at all but I am Very Very Tired all the time.

3. I already have to do the rubber band trick on most of my pants and I broke out the maternity clothes this week...thanks baby number 3.

4. I cursed like a sailor the first month I was pregnant and also when I told family but I am starting to get excited.

5. I had my first doctors appointment on Wednesday the 28th...we could not hear a heart beat but I was not surprised because I didn't hear it with Odin until I was 13 weeks and with Cort I was 14 weeks.

6. I go back to the doctor on Aug. 25th and we better hear the heartbeat then or something is NOT good.

7. Odin is excited and still says there are two in there...I sure hope not but will take what I get.

8. My back is constantly hurting me and I am also hoping that is because I am chasing around 2 little boys and not that this one will be on my sciatic nerve like the other two.

9. The baby doubled size this last week and is fully formed with fingers and toes and now it just needs to grow big and strong.

10. On one of the due date calculators it says my estimated due date is Feb. 12th and that is my Dads birthday and now he says it has to be born that day...throws off my 25th of the month I got going on but would be cool to share a birthday with Papa.


  1. I love having a preggo sister!!! :) :) :)

  2. So fun!!!!!! Can't wait till I can......... you know!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Oh the joy of pregnancy! I would love for this one to be a girl but then again your boys are so darn cute - a third one would be awesome too!

  4. COngrats Brittany! Your blog is so fun! You're smart to journal your pregnancy. How I wish they had blogging back in the old days! That will be so fun to look back on. Hope you feel better soon... First weeks were always hardest for me. Keep blogging. Fun to read!