Monday, July 5, 2010

(The original picture...kind of blurry)

(I tried to enhance the photo to make it more readable.)

Well it is official...I am preggers again...Yep that would be number 3...I have known since 06-08-2010-as seen in the photos...but I didn't want to tell anyone at all forever if I didn't have too...but I guess that didn't happen...My family was teasing me and Chuck and Brandy-the two people who have known since the same date as me-said to just tell them I did it...We told everyone yesterday...After lots of tears I finally started accepting hugs and congratulations...
We did not plan this AT ALL...this wasn't even supposed to happen right now...I know a little to much information but a condom broke and this was the result...With both my other boys it took about 3 months for me to get pregnant so of course in my mind I was thinking there is no way that I could get pregnant with a condom breaking...but that was not the case...
I knew in the back of my mind when I took the test that I was pregnant...I just was hoping I was reaction when I walked in 3 LONG minutes later and read the test was "OH SHIT-THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING" (pardon my language)...I started bawling and sent Chuck a picture message since he was back up in Salt Lake working...of course he called me laughing and thinking it was funny and I am bawling and haven't really stopped...
I am scared to death to have this baby...After the postpartum with Cort I am so afraid...and with Chuck up to leave on Active Duty to Iraq or Afghanistan that makes me even more afraid...And Cort is such a Mamas Boy and he is still so young and I feel like I am taking something away from him...I know in my mind that obviously the Lord has another plan for me and I keep trying to tell myself that everything will work out but I just can't get over the fear...I am scared to death and I know it is horrible to admit but I am not happy about this yet either...maybe that has to be with being sicker than a dog right now and the 1st trimester blues but I am hoping it will get better...
I can't change anything now and all I can do is get prepared...I know I will be happy about it eventually but right now I am just SCARED...
Sorry for venting so much but now the news is out...
I am about 8-9 weeks along...I have my first doc appointment on July 28th and we will see what the doc says about how far along I am...and I will keep everyone updated...


  1. YAY..I mean awe I'm sorry ;) Ok even though it's all unexpected you have to know you make the cutest kids and you are an AMAZING momma. You'll do great...she will be a lovely lil girl.

  2. Baby #3!!! Congrats! It's a good thing, you are a great mommy. Maybe there was a little girl waiting to come and it typical girl fashion she got a little impatient???

  3. Congrats! Scared is a perfectly healthy emotion to be feeling about the whole situation. Now we definitely need to get together more often so you can take a little load off while the kids play! I hope that all the PPD problems stay away this time - isn't it great that every pregnancy is different?! Love you!

  4. I love you though my life is not the same as your i can relate to what your feeling alot. So if you ever need to talk i am so here. We could be each others support system. And just fyi remember how hard it was for me to get prego with leland, i went off the pill for one month and there i was prego with blake and scared to death cus brandon had just got laid off.

  5. Aw, Britt!!!! I love you girl! I'm so sorry its so scary right now, but if you need ANYTHING just let me know :) even if you just need to talk, I listen to it all: crying, venting, complaining etc, so don't ever be afraid to call! Love you guys, congratulations! You can do this!!!

  6. Ya know Brittney, I know we don't hang out or that we're even close friends but being alone during scary times is never fun. If you ever need anything, a shoulder to cry on, a unbiased 3rd party to talk to, I'd be more than happy to be there. You're never alone and, as all these comments prove, you're well loved.

  7. I am going to have to agree with Jordane's comment. YOu are a great Mom and Chuck is a great Dad and things will work out. You have a great support system herewith your family and friends
    (including me-not to brag)and you will get through those first rough months just fine! We are so excited for you and your growing family!