Monday, July 5, 2010

One LONG Weekend

This is what happens after it has been One LONG and exhausted weekend...
Friday we went to hurricane and hung out with LOTS of Family...
Saturday we went to LaVerkin and checked out their 4th of July celebrations then came back over to St. George to check out their 4th of July Celebrations...then tried to put the boys down for naps of which Odin woke up from Pissed Off at the world...then went over to the Grandparents to Bar-b-que and watch fireworks and hang out with LOTS of Family...didn't get home and in bed until 11 at night...
Then had to be in Hurricane by 8:40 AM to get seats at the chapel for Baby Landon and Baby Blakes I had to wake the boys up and get them dressed and in the car by 8:15 AM...then after church we were all at my Moms house eating lunch and hanging out...all the kids went in the back yard and played with water balloons and the water Odin took off his clothes and the bad mom I am forgot to put sunblock on so he got burnt and he did NOT have a nap that day at all by 8 that night when it was time to put pjs on and load up in the car to go home he was not doing any of it...I forced the issue got the boys loaded in the car made it around the corner and Odin had his seat belt off and his clothes off...I pulled over and walked around to get him dressed and he climbed out of the car butt naked and screaming and crying and started walking back to Nanas house...I couldn't resist taking a picture...I am sure the cars driving by were wondering what the heck was going on and I am surprised no police showed up...It was a Mexican standoff and I finally won...he eventually came back to the car and I got him dressed and buckled in and not a mile down the road he was sound asleep...
I WIN!!!


  1. Win is right! I love when I win the naked seatbelt battles... what is with kids and stripping when they are angry and tired? Syd's bottoms come right off every time! Yay for having your camera so 15 years down the line he will hate you at graduation! :)

  2. Brittney i love you so. brandon was telling my mom about this last night and she said something i had no thought of before. Brooklyn is a strong willed child i know......but so is odin. So since i have been havn such a hard time with her my mom got me a new book just about strong willed children i'll let you know how i like it so maybe you can get it too.

  3. Hahaha, I love the one where Court is "kissing" you, but really he's eating your lips! :) You guys are sooooo dang cute Brit! I miss you so much, be sure to tell Chuck that I love and miss him!!! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!