Saturday, August 7, 2010


1. I am still feeling sick...I have had a couple of good days but then got knocked back on my butt...nauseous and throwing up and tired and weak.

2. I am getting excited about this baby more and more each day and can't wait till I get to meet him or her.

3. Remember there is no need to ask me what I am having because I don't know and I will NOT be finding out...I LOVE the surprise.

4. I am hoping that by next week the sickness will go away with the first trimester but if not I guess I will just deal with it and find my inner strength.

5. Odin randomly will give my belly kisses or talk to the is pretty funny because most the time I don't think he knows what is going on but then he surprises me.


  1. Glad you are getting excited - kids, no matter how much trouble are worth it all and then some!!!!!