Friday, September 18, 2009

Weather Changing

Well since it has been getting a little cooler
(if you count being in the 90's cooler)

we have been taking Odin and Cort
outside after naps (around 4 or 5 at night) to play...We bought Odin a Soccer Ball and one of our neighbors sees us out on the grass and brings out a Frisbee and a toy Train to play with...Odin and Cort love being outside and we like Odin to get a little energy release and not want to watch Cartoons all the time...The next goal is to get a double stroller so I can start going for walks with them...we want to show them by example that exercise is good...

And of course they love

I am going to have to start putting them in the b
ig bath together or do baths separate because Cort tries to get out of the little bath and he splashes all over the place and we all end up as wet as him...
Cort loves seeing himself in the mirror an
d he loves when Odin talks to him...
They are just dang cute boys...
I am very bless

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