Friday, September 18, 2009

Gary and Brittney Taylor

Happy 5th Anniversary to my Brother and Sister In-Law
Gary and Brittney Taylor

I wasn't there 5 years ago for your wedding because my niece was born two days before your wedding-so C
huck went to your wedding and I went to AZ to meet my niece...I have seen the video and Chuck told me all about it...It was a pretty amazing day for you two...I am so happy to have you as family and I hope your Anniversary is a GREAT one!!! We love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again... Thanks for always being such a loving couple and showing everyone around you what love is all about...there is never a question of how you two feel about each other and you two are perfect bring out the BEST in each other and you are both GREAT parents...We love you all very much and
Happy Anniv

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  1. Britt that tribute was amazing. You are such a wonderful person.... I am so lucky to have you as a family member and now I am crying because of what you had to say for our anniversary.... Thank you so much. those words mean a lot to me and I can't wait for Gary to read it too. Thank you so much.... I love you!!!!