Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday Card for Brooklyn

Since Odin doesn't know how to sing Happy Birthday or fully understand what that all means I had the idea to have both the boys hold a paper that said "Happy Birthday Brooklyn" and "We Love You" was a good idea until I sat them down to take the picture of them holding the signs...
I knew Cort would just try to eat the paper but I couldn't get Odin to hold still and smile while holding the paper...that is just too much for a two year old to do at one time...but we did get a couple of OK pictures and we put them in the Birthday Card to their cousin Brooklyn...


  1. What sweet boys..I'm still a lil envious that you get two boys! OdIn is getting to big and needs to stop growing and I still need to see the new lil guy. He is a DOLLL!

  2. You are so dang creative. I love that idea. Good job. I think Odin did a great job of showing off the cards and helping his little brother out:)