Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brooklyn's 5th Birthday

This photo was taken when they were all down for the boys Birthday (Odin and Leland) and for Stetson Cort's Blessing Day

Today was my Nieces 5th Birthday-
I can not believe she is 5 already...where does time go...she is the first grandchild on my side of the family and the only girl (granddaughter) on our side...she has to put up with a lot of boys...I still remember when she was born and how excited we all were to have a Grandchild, Niece, and Daughter in our Family...she is just a funny little thing-at least to me she is maybe not so much to her parents (she is a handful)...she has such spunk and imagination...I love to hear the new things she comes up with in that little mind of hers...she is such a good example to her brother and to her cousins (my kids)...I can't wait till we get to see her is hard to have her living in Kingman, AZ...we love her and her parents and brother so much and love every chance we get to see them...

Brooklyn I want you to know that I love you so MUCH and I am so glad to have you as my niece...I also want you to know that you have the Best Parents ever and you may not understand that yet but I will always remind you of how much they love and adore you and how happy they were to have you come into their lives...I think you will always be such a GREAT example to your brother and your cousins...I love your little personality and I hope you are always as funny and imaginative as you are now...I miss you all the time...and I LOVE YOU....

Happy 5th Birthday!!!!This is one of my favorite pictures of her...we have so many of her since she was the first in the family so it is hard to narrow it down to a favorite but this is definitely one...Love you Brooklyn!


  1. man that girl looks just like her momma!! I am so happy to call her my niece, and love how she calls me her FAVORITE auntie!!