Thursday, August 20, 2009

Odin Holding Cort...

Odin actually wanted to hold Cort the other day...I thought it was just a flux but then a couple of days later he wanted to hold him was pretty funny because Cort would start to get upset and so I would ask Odin if I could take brother and he would say No but I would give it a couple more minutes then take Cort from him to try and calm Cort down and as soon as I would take Cort Odin would throw his hands out in front of him and yell at me "Give me my baby" I would have to hand Cort back over to him...this little scenario went on for about 20 or 30 was pretty funny...I am just glad that Odin does like his brother...Sometimes...

These were the first time he held him...08-12-2009

These were the second time he held him...and he actually gave his brother a kiss...Odin only kisses Corts head where else...pretty funny boy...08-15-2009

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