Thursday, July 9, 2009

Odin and Cort

I took this video of Odin feeding Cort a bottle of formula...Cort had been acting upset, like he wasn't getting enough to I decided to give him a bottle to fill his belly and hopefully make him feel soon as Odin saw me putting it together he knew what it was for and he grabbed it from me and ran into feed it to his brother...he saw me shaking it up before he took it so every once in awhile he would stop feeding Cort and shake the bottle...and then when he would pull the bottle away to shake it he would see that Cort had some milk on his chin so he took the burp rag and would lay it on Corts face...but then with the burp rag on his face he couldn't give him the bottle so he would pull it off and start feeding him was all pretty funny to watch...Odin is a good helper (only when he wants to be though)...

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