Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Sister-In-Law: CHRISTINA

O.K. so as I was doing my Sisters Birthday Blog (Brookie) I got to remembering that I forgot another sister...My sister-in-law CHRISTINA...she had her birthday on July 18th and we were gone on family Vacation and I never posted her Birthday Blog...I hope she will forgive is better late then never...My sister-in-law Christina is an amazing young women...she has amazed me from the day I met her and never ceases to keep amazing me...she is such a talented young lady...she has made a name for herself and done a good job at representing that name in a VERY GOOD WAY!!!...anyone who knows her doesn't love can't help but love her when you meet her...she has competed in many pagents and done a fabulous job...she represents the Lance Armstrong Foundation and she does a GREAT job at it...they are lucky to have her on their team...she is a Massage Therapist and I have had the priveledge of getting one of her massages-it was my first massage and she likes to say she popped my massage cherry, she is a silly girl-she was so excited to give me my first massage and now I don't ever want to go to anyone else...she is GREAT at what she does and she loves what she does...she has found a career that makes her happy and that she is very good at...she is a loving sister and aunt and daughter and grand-daughter and girlfriend...she cares about everyone she meets and wants to help anyone she can...I hope her Birthday was GREAT (which I already know it was) and I hope she keeps growing into the wonderful person she is...Keep up the good work and

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