Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is Brayton with his little brother the day before his birthday (Sunday July 19th)

On July 20th was our Nephews-BRAYTON-Birthday!!! We were lucky enough to be up there for family vacation the weekend before...his birthday was on Monday and we got to see him on Friday and Saturday and Sunday before...He is the first born of Chucks brother Gary and his sister-in-law Brittney...they live in Taylorsville....I remember when Brayton was born...Chuck was gone on active duty and I left and went to Salt Lake with my In-Laws just a few days after he was born...I was so excited to meet him and get to spend some time with all of them...I took some fun pictures of him in some of Chucks Army clothes to send to was a lot of fun...he is such a cute little boy and such a well manored little boy...he is generous and non-confrontational...he let Odin play with his new toys and was so nice to him and patient with Odin...Odin doesn't have to share his toys with anyone yet so it was hard for him to share the toys with Brayton, even though they were Braytons toys...and Brayton was such a trooper while we tried to teach Odin to share with Brayton...Brayton was such a good example to Odin and I have a feeling he will be that way all their lives...I wish we lived closer to them but I am not going to complain to much because we could always be even farther away...we love spending time with them and I have loved watching Brayton grow up into such a cute little boy and hearing all the stories he has to tell...Thank you Gary and Brittney for letting us be such a big part of his life and for letting us enjoy his moments with you...

These are some of the first pictures I took of Brayton.

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