Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Piggy Bank

Well last Wednesday (June 17th, 2009) My little man Odin was playing with money...2 dimes and 2 pennies....this is nothing new to us because he loves money...he kept putting the money in this toy and then turning the toy upside down and letting it fall out...also no big deal he does stuff like that all the time...I am sitting on the couch holding Stetson and Odin is on the floor in front of me...I am not paying to much attention to Odin until I hear him start coughing and he leaned forward and I realized he had the brilliant idea to turn the toy with money in it upside down over his mouth and he started coughing because the money went in his mouth...I fly forward on the couch and start patting his back and Stetson starts crying because I just scared the crap out of him...I look in Odins mouth and can't see anything and he isn't choking (actually he is laughing)...I then look on the ground and only see 1 penny and 1 dime...so I call my Aunt Hope (she is my doctor who doesn't charge) and ask her what I should do...she suggest going to the doctor and getting an X-Ray just so I know if it is in there...but I know he never left the front room with his money so before I make the trip I decide to look all over and see if he had put the other 11 cents somewhere else...no luck...so Chuck comes walking in from work as I am putting Stetson in the car seat and I say "Load up Odin in the car we have to go get an X-Ray"
So we get to the doctor and we are the only ones there for the on call doctor...thank goodness because
we hate waiting with a 2 year old...they take an X-Ray and I am right there is something in his belly...they think it is a penny because it seems bigger...the doctor suggest if I haven't seen it by Friday then to get another X-Ray...in the meantime Stetson is coming up on 2 months old and has an appointment set for the next week but the Doctor office calls me on Thursday to see if I can come the next day (Friday) instead of next week...I say yes and tell them about Odin...so they schedule him for another X-Ray the same time as Stetsons check up...
Come Friday morning we head to t
he doctor and Odin gets another picture of his belly and the money is still in him...it had moved but not down far...
So our Doctor tells us if I haven't seen it by Wednesday (a week after he swallowed it) then to come bac
k in...well that day is tomorrow and I haven't seen it...
now mind you I didn't sift through his
poo diapers but I definitely looked so here are the pictures from the first two pictures of his belly and I will keep you posted on if I missed it or if it is still in there...
We tell everyone that he is
keeping an internal piggy bank...
This is the first day (Wednesday)
This is 2 days later (Friday morning)
Doctor Barton says it is in his intestines but he can't tell if it is the large or the small...
after seeing this picture and the way it is in there Chuck and I were worried about it blocking his intestines off because he didn't go poo for 3 days...but we finally got a poo on Saturday...This is the two X-Rays side by side...


  1. hahah I hate to laugh b/c it's sorta sad but of all kids odin I am not surpried this happend to him. I love that kid and I love how funny he thinks it is to swallow coins. What a story to tell him later. I hope it comes out smoothly and shinnier then before :)

  2. Hey Britt...love the blog! And this story is price-lesssss. Also you need to frame those X-Rays!

  3. Lots of bran, make him poo, make him poo, YEA POO!!!!

  4. Hi sister sue.. i love you. though i know odin has passed it. i just wanted to tell you what a great mom you are. and it seems really hard rght now trust me i know but it will get better i promise. and please if nothing else remember this one thing........God never give's us mountain we cant climb just something to make us stronger. i love you so much you have a wonderful. God gave you your childern for a reason he trusted you. lacey

  5. I've only found polly pocket shoes in my kids diapers--just think you are actually getting paid to change his!