Friday, August 19, 2011

Odin and Leland turn FOUR

So I had wanted to do a Sponge Bob Birthday Party for Odin last year but thought of it the week before and that was not enough time to do everything that I wanted to do so I did the Sponge Bob theme birthday party this year for Odin and Leland.
It was very therapeutic for me with Chuck leaving to go overseas it kept me distracted and in my little world of denial and it also helped us to make some GREAT memories with him as a family before he left.

So here are the two birthday boys in the shirts I made for them to wear on their special day.
if you can't remember Leland is my nephew and he was born 3 days before Odin so if they are together around their birthdays we throw a double party for these cute boys.

I made these life size characters and the homes of Patrick and Sponge Bob and I had them all around the grass area...and in the bottom right picture are some jelly fish I made and hung around on the trees and we had some nets and went jelly fish hunting.

So here is a picture of Leland, Brooklyn and Cambelle standing by Sponge Bob so you can get an idea of how big I did the characters.

We picked out birthday cakes from Wal-Mart and it was made out of cupcakes and the characters on top of the cake come apart and you can mix and match the heads with the bodies. We did two cupcake cakes so each boy got their own characters and their own cake to blow the candles out on.
One was chocolate and the other vanilla.

They both ripped into their presents like crazy and I didn't get any pictures of Leland and only a few of Odin but it is all good because they loved everything they got.

And then this is the picture I printed out and sent to everyone who came to the party.
I really like to do Thank You pictures instead of Cards so then you get a picture of the cute boys on their cute day.

And then this is Odin right before bed that day and he got this pillow pet from his Grandpa and Grandma Taylor and he is obsessed with it.
He kept telling us he wanted one and I kept avoiding it because I think of them as dust collectors-just like stuffed animals you can only have so many-and he just wouldn't give up so we told Grandpa and Grandma Taylor that is what he wanted and that is what they got. Whatever makes the boy happy :)

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