Wednesday, August 3, 2011

April 2011

Misc. Happenings of

April 2011

We gave into the Sweet Tooth Temptation and went to "The Sweet Tooth Fairy" for some was so hard to decide which ones to try...they were all so yummy...

I love catching moments like this...them getting along :)

The weekend after Brookes Mission Shower we all headed to Las Vegas and bought some of the clothes and other things that she would need while on her was so much fun and a good excuse for us girls to head to Vegas...

The first picture (far left) is Liam and Harper in their car seats ready to go with the Adults shopping.

The second picture (middle) is all of us eating lunch/dinner after doing some long shopping.
(left to right: Aunt Hope, My Mom and Liam, Me, Brooke and Harper, Danielle, and Amy.)

The third picture (far right) is a picture of our waitress taking a picture of us...funny story with her is she came out to give us drinks and my Aunt Hope was nursing her baby Harper and then when she brought us our food I was nursing Liam and Hope had put Harper in her carseat to sleep so the waitress got this very confused look and looked around and noticed there were two carseats and breathed this sigh of relief and when she noticed we were all watching her she laughed and said she thought there was only one baby and that we had taken turns nursing and she thought that was so weird...heehee...we laughed about that the whole time...

The boys just had to help Daddy fix the couch recliner...I am not sure if they really helped or just got in the way but Chuck was a good sport at making them feel important and needed.

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