Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Whole Taylor Family...

It is such a RARE occasion that we get ALL of Chucks family together...we were missing the newest addition to the family and that was Devon and that sucked but to have all the Taylor Siblings and all the Taylor Grandkids was way cool...I don't think we have ever had all the Taylor Grandkids together...I didn't get to spend much time with them because I was feeling sick with pregnancy and all (go figure) but the time I did get to spend with them was a lot of fun and Odin and Cort playing with their cousins was WAY fun...

(My Chuck and Father-in-Law Chuck hanging in the kitchen with Heather)

(My Mother-in-Law April, Gary and Chuck watching the kids swim in the pool)

(Random photos of us hanging out...Cort loves sitting on Grandpa Taylors foot massager...that thing is way powerful and he will just sit on it Forever)

All of the Taylor Siblings: (Left to Right) Bobby, Christina, Heather, Gary, and Chuck. You notice the girls are always in a pose and ready for the camera to click...the boys not so much it takes a ton of picture snaps to get them all acting somewhat normal...but we love them all anyway

(Yes that is my kids naked butt in these pool pictures...we didn't send over a swimsuit but of course he had to get in with his cousins so they told him to strip down to his underwear and he didn't want to get them wet so he went naked...from what everyone told me Odin was quite proud to be naked in the pool...and from what I hear it was fun for all the kids until Odin decided to drop a log of poop in the pool then swimming was all done...I guess it was fun while it lasted)

The Taylor Family: All the kids with their Parents

The Whole Taylor Gang...I wanted to get a picture of all the Grandkids by themselves but Odin got his feelings hurt then fell asleep and woke up not so happy so we weren't able to take one but it was still so nice to have a picture of all of us (minus Devon-maybe we will get him next time)

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