Friday, April 10, 2009

OK so I had my doctors appointment today and he checked me physically, so we are getting close and wanting to hear some guesses, so here is the information so far. I am about a 2 in dilation and thinning out (don't know how much) and the baby is head down. The heart beat was at about 150 and with Odin it was at about 145. I am 37 weeks. My belly measures 44 inches around. I am not sure what I measured around with Odin. My due date is April 30Th and I went about a week early with Odin. I am still going with Boy and I am hoping he weighs about the same as Odin if not smaller. Odin weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 19 inches long. I think this one will be longer because when it pushes its butt and legs out those legs are pretty long. Chuck still hasn't let on anything as to what it will be...he is dang good at keeping secrets. I am feeling pretty good except when the baby finds my ribs...not so good then. I go back next Friday (17Th) and the Friday (24Th) after and then if I haven't had the little one by then I will be induced on Tuesday the 28Th. Everyone has a date that would work best for them, Chuck wants it to come on the 30Th because then we won't have to leave for 3 days to do Guard stuff, my mom does not want it that week because I need to help her with food storage and my doctor doesn't want it on any of the next 3 weekends because he will be out of town, so someone will have to loose, I just don't know who yet. So everyone send in your guesses and I will get them written down and see who is closest. Hope you enjoy the new pictures and I will keep you posted.


  1. I will add to the list of dates to not have this lil baby cuz we're going to a wedding on the 1st!!! Have it today! I just like to add to the drama:) So my guess will be the 26th, and of course you know I am thinking girl. I am so excited, I wish I could be there to feel your belly everyday! I know you would love that! Good luck!!! We love you guys! *kisses* to Odin too please

  2. Those pictures are so pretty!!! Congrats on baby #2! I blog hopped to yours via your facebook post!! If you would like to see our family blog, you can send me an email to and I will send you an invite! Take care, and good luck with baby #2!