Friday, March 13, 2009

Jumpin Jacks...

Ok just one more post about a post overload...
my sister came over today after work and took Odin over to a place called Jumpin Jacks...she has been wanting to take him for months now and it just hasn't happened...I always thought it was a gymnastics place but it is actually a play place that is full of those blow up bounce houses with slides and all of she took him and I took pictures...they had so much fun...she got a really good work out and he got his dream of bouncing off walls and jumping into walls and not getting was so much fun to watch them....they had a good time...
Thanks Auntie Brooke-You Rock


  1. WOOHOO!!! Another blog to stalk!!!

  2. why does he have to get so big man tell him to slow down love you and hope everything is good

  3. Hey, first of all, we need to go there when we visit sometime, and second of all, can I borrow your sister sometime????;)

  4. You know it...I didn't even think to tell you guys about this place and go while you were here...definitely next time we will hit it up...