Friday, March 13, 2009

Bragging about my Family...They ROCK!!!

I have to brag about my family...I got this idea from a lady in my ward who had these words on her kids play room and I thought I would love to have that in Odin's I called my Cousin Amy and told her what I wanted...well when she got it done I didn't want to put it up on his walls until they had been painted...the walls had not been painted in this room since we have lived here and they were driving me pregnancy (nesting) kicked in and luckily I have a Great Mom and a Great Sister that came over and helped me paint his room really fast...I had to do it while Chuck is gone or it wouldn't get done (Chuck doesn't know I painted, better to ask forgiveness then permission) my Great Family came and helped me and then I hung up the letters my cute, cute, cute Cousin Amy made for me and this is how it all turned out...I absolutely love his room...Thanks again to my GREAT MOM, SISTER, AND guys you....

In this picture he was saying "Cheese" it just didn't turn out so good :)

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  1. I LOVE the fonts and the color! Looks awesome! Maybe I need to call Amy and find out how much it would be to do some words!!!