Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Belly Pictures

Ok so I finally had Chuck take some belly pictures...since I have none of this pregnancy yet...and hopefully I will be able to talk him into taking some more...but here are a few for all of you too see how the belly is looking...it really isn't too big...I measure smaller then I did with Odin but the doctor says I am measuring just fine with the charts so no worries there...everything is going good...I go in for my next appointment on April 10th and they will do a physical exam...so I am excited to see if I am dilated or anything...I will keep you all posted...have a Great couple of weeks and enjoy the pictures....


  1. But... how big around is Odin? hehehe

  2. You know I never did look and read his but it wouldn't have been very accurate since he isn't holding it the same place...

  3. YOu look so good brit and I am so glad you are a fellow blogger now! My next appt is on the 10th also! It's so crazy we are due so close. Hope you are feeling well and getting ready for another bundle of joy! We should try and get together before the babies come - call me!