Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do we look alike?

Here are some more comparison pictures...

I took some pictures of me as a baby and tried to compare them to my boys...what do you think?...are they my kids?...I don't have any pictures of Chuck as a baby-Maybe someday I will get some and can compare them...

And here are some more of Odin and is so funny to see them around the same age...Hope you Enjoy!!!


  1. I seriously cant get over how much they look alike....but even more than that, you can tell they both a different, you can tell which on is odin and cort...but they still look so much a like...i love it!


  2. Those are so awesome!!!! What little cuties they are!!!

  3. oh my gosh they look soo much a like , but i decided odin looks more like chuck and cort looks more like you but really they both look the most like mommy ;)