Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Crocheting....

I decided to crochet blankets for all the kids on my side-My boys and my niece and nephew-
and then Chuck said well lets do them for the nephews on his side too...and I wasn't going to because it was Brittney who taught me and I didn't want to step on any toes by making her boys blankets when she can do it herself but Chuck told me it is different when it comes from Mom and when it comes from their Aunt Brittney so I figured he was right and I did a blanket for all of glad I did...they love them all so much and they were all here are some pictures of the blankets I did for all the was so hard to decide who to send which blanket because they all turned out so cute and I wanted to keep them all...
but I know the wee ones are loving the blankets and I am so GLAD!!!...

I love you all-
Brooklyn, Paxton, Brayton, Odin, Leland, Tristin, and Cort.

(I mailed Paxton his blanket and his mom-Heather-told me when he opened the box and pulled it out he said Wow Mom it is he not the sweetest thing ever...)

Chuck got to take Brayton and Tristin their blankets and give them to the boys and they were so excited and so was Gary and Brittney...they all loved the blankets...Thanks Brittney for getting me addicted to crocheting ;)

(Odin asleep with his blanket...such a sweetie.)

(Leland laying on his watching t.v.)


  1. Your blankets are so cute! I love the colors you put together!

  2. Wow Brit, you are becoming quite talented! My new baby would just love one of those!!!! hint hint wink nod