Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Blakes Arrival

My Brother Brandon and his Sweet Wife Lacey welcomed their Baby #3
Mr. Blake William Barnum
into the world on June 10th, 2010...
and we all decided to go be there when she had was so much fun to be there when he arrived and get to celebrate with Big Sister Brooklyn and Big Brother are some pictures....

(I didn't get any pictures of the new Mommy-sorry Lacey-I do love you though!!)

(The posterity of Brandon and Lacey Barnum...such cute kids!!)

(in the waiting room while we were waiting to take turns and go see Lacey and Blake we kept putting Cort back behind these couches because it was like a little cage to keep him in...we are so mean)

(I absolutely LOVE being around this little man Leland...he is such a quiet little man and he is an observer and just the most kind hearted little man you will ever meet...He absolutely LOVES his Nana and Papa...)

(And then their are my boys who have the energy of a whole zoo full of Monkeys...they keep anyone around them busy, busy, busy-but I love them very much!!!)

(All of the kids Love their Aunt Brookie...she is the BEST!!!)

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